Technology in Irish schools is booming, and this can be bewildering for any principal or school delegate exploring their options. Our Education Technology Consultants exhibit at education events but taking a day out of school to attend a busy, bright, loud exhibition with hundreds of people trying to sell to you may not be your idea of fun!
It’s for this reason that you can see what you like, when you like, in the comfort of your school! At a time of your convenience, we along with our partners are happy to bring along your choice of equipment or to see technology maybe not explored yet, and provide a personal, hands-on demonstration. We demonstrate the basics, take the time to learn about how you’d use the equipment and tailor what we show to your needs.
Ask as many questions as you have, take the time to consider, and invite colleagues and even pupils to have a go as well! With some products you can ask us to loan you or trial the equipment.
We demonstrate most solutions, but the following are the most popular: