Microsoft in the Classroom

Empowering the students of today to create the world of tomorrow.

New tools. Student focused. Teacher inspired.

Over many years partnering with Microsoft in education we have seen enormous changes in the classroom. Teaching is about creating, innovating and cultivating curiosity. Compupac Education and Microsoft work closely to provide technology as a tool in the modern day classroom. 

The effective use of technology in schools should be not viewed as an add-on or something that is taught in isolation; rather, it needs to be effectively integrated across all key learning areas. As stated by Michael Fullan, a leading change expert, “Pedagogy is the driver, technology is the accelerator”.


Microsoft Education provides teachers with 21st century tools that offer powerful new ways to engage and inspire students. Windows Ink is just one useful tool to have in hand for students looking to improve creativity, comprehension, and learning outcomes. With Windows Ink, it can spark up to 36 percent increases in favorable STEM outcomes alone.


Windows 10

Windows 10 empowers staff, administrators, teachers and students to do great things. With best-in-class digital inking capabilities and collaboration tools to boost learning outcomes, it’s the platform students never outgrow. Windows 10 provides powerful learning experiences with a wide range of tools for education.

The education-ready Windows Store has a broad selection of apps to provide rich resources for researching, teaching and learning. Windows devices allow for powerful multi-tasking, live collaboration (OneNote, OneDrive, Office 365), and on-screen inking with top class support.

Intune for Education

Deploy apps to students and teachers without touching their devices. Once apps are deployed, they are available to your students and teachers the next time they login and follow them to any device, so they only always see the apps they are supposed to see. 

Deliver a custom experience for each student, even on shared devices. With fast sign-in on shared devices, and settings applied to devices at login, each user can have a personal, custom experience while learning on a shared device.