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Joyusing V500 Visualiser


A Premium visualiser for a budget price.

Easy to share information from documents and 3D objects, the V5OO possesses the versatility to capture just about any material for presentations and teaching sessions with no PC required.

 1/ 2.5 ” CMOS sensor  8M Pixels  Video Max. 30 fps  Capture Size: A3 297 x 420 mm  2x Digital Zoom  USB, HDMI and VGA Connectivity.

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Joyusing V500 visualiser works in similar lines of a projector and transforms real objects, documents images and other information into signal and output. It replaces the traditional file display and is actually a device based on CMOS technology. The images it displays on the screen are actually the real-time dynamic images captured by it perfectly and cleanly. It in itself is a meaningful media technology revolution. It is widely used in the teleconference, education training, and government institutes and medical industry. Its main features include –


  • High-speed signal transmission and dynamic displaying real-time picture with no delay
  • JOYUSING visualizer software is an all-round function-equipped software for the visual presenter.
  • As an integrated displaying & presenting system, it annotates scanned images, saves in storage path and is capable of post-processing.
  • Off-line operation, live displaying or presenting
  • Excellent definition and Smooth playing .It brings an impressive interaction experience. Fast, accurate and efficient.
  • PC-free with built-in system.
  • Different execution operations: Scanning , split comparing, video recording, PC desktop displaying and annotating