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Joyusing V500s Visualiser


A Premium visualiser for a budget price.

Easy to share information from documents and 3D objects, the V5OOS possesses the versatility to capture just about any material for presentations and teaching sessions.

 1/ 2.5 ” CMOS sensor  8M Pixels  Video Max. 30 fps  Capture Size: A3 297 x 420 mm  2x Digital Zoom  USB Powered

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Joyusing V500s visualiser works in similar lines of a projector and transforms real objects, documents images and other information into signal and output. It replaces the traditional file display and is actually a device based on CMOS technology. The images it displays on the screen are actually the real-time dynamic images captured by it perfectly and cleanly. It in itself is a meaningful media technology revolution. It is widely used in the teleconference, education training, and government institutes and medical industry. Its main features include –


  • High-speed signal transmission and dynamic displaying real-time picture with no delay
  • JOYUSING visualizer software is an all-round function-equipped software for the visual presenter.
  • As an integrated displaying & presenting system, it annotates scanned images, saves in storage path and is capable of post-processing.
  • Off-line operation, live displaying or presenting
  • Excellent definition and Smooth playing .It brings an impressive interaction experience. Fast, accurate and efficient.
  • Different execution operations: Scanning , split comparing, video recording, PC desktop displaying and annotating