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Over many years partnering with Microsoft in education we have seen enormous changes in the classroom. Teaching is about creating, innovating and cultivating curiosity. The team and Microsoft work closely to provide technology as a tool in the modern day classroom. The effective use of technology in schools should be not viewed as an add-on or something that is taught in isolation; rather, it needs to be effectively integrated across all key learning areas. As stated by Michael Fullan, a leading change expert, “Pedagogy is the driver, technology is the accelerator”.

Windows 10 Education

Windows 10 Education empowers staff, administrators, teachers and students to do great things. Windows 10 Education provides powerful learning experiences with a wide range of tools for education. The education-ready Windows Store has a broad selection of apps to provide rich resources for researching, teaching and learning. Windows devices allow for powerful multi-tasking, live collaboration (OneNote, OneDrive, Office 365), and on-screen inking with top class support.

Affordable devices and solutions

Windows has always been about providing the right device for the right need, while fitting within school budgets. Windows devices work with a broad range of peripherals to support all learning styles and existing computing environments. Schools can save money by taking advantage of Volume Licensing options for education and new student use benefits available with Windows 10 Education.
Office 365 Education provides familiar, up to date tools to help students and teachers better communicate, collaborate, and achieve more.With Office apps for education students can create dynamic learning experiences in and outside of the classroom. Office 365 Education now includes Microsoft Classroom where teachers can manage everything from Class Notebooks to lessons and assignments.
Microsoft Classroom has a OneNote Class Notebook built into every class, allowing teachers to create assignments with due dates, complete with Outlook calendar events and reminders. The assignments can reference materials from the Class Notebook, Office documents and interactive content. You can create assignments for multiple classes at the same time, easily grade them, or give them private feedback and ask them to resubmit.
Students can receive, complete and submit assignments on their favorite devices, including mobile devices via the Microsoft Classroom app. Throughout the workflow, they have the ability collaborate with classmates in real time within Office documents, online or offline, without worrying about losing formatting.

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Empower education with Microsoft Office OVS-ES

Open Value Subscription Agreement for Education Solutions (OVS-ES) allows schools to license all the computers in the school with the most up to date version of Microsoft Office, while only paying for licenses for the number of full time teachers you employ in the school.
OVS-ES was introduced as an alternative that provides schools a simplified way to acquire Microsoft Office under a single, subscription enrollment. The licensing quantity is calculated by the number of FTE in the school. FTE count is made up of staff members who teach or perform research for the school for more than 200hrs per semester. 
Switching to OVS-ES subscription from a perpetual license will reduce your annual cost substantially and you will always be licensed for the latest version of Microsoft Office. If a school purchase OVS-ES licensing, Microsoft, through its Student Advantage program, will give students and teachers Office 365 ProPlus for FREE.

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