LocknCharge for Education

Providing schools with the highest quality security, charging and transport solutions for mobile device deployments.

Solutions to simplify and enhance mobile device deployments

LocknCharge is a company dedicated to the design, manufacture and functionality of the highest quality security, charging and transport solutions for mobile device deployments in education. 

Whether your school is deploying iPads, tablets, Chromebooks, laptops or any mobile device, Lockncharge solutions integrate mobile technology seamlessly into your modern classroom.

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Made For Education

LocknCharge solutions are designed by educators specifically for the unique needs of the education market, and are built to enhance mobile deployments.
Distribution Baskets
Baskets allow carts to be shared by classrooms and devices to be distributed more easily and safely in a fraction of the time, meaning teaching happens faster
Modular Design
Designed to flex as your deployment does. A single cart can accomodate several device sizes.
Power Management
Assure that the right amount of power is distributed to devices when charging: no under, over or inconsistently charged devices.
Smart Charging for Schools
Reliable, future-proof charging solutions allowing schools to achieve their big-picture goals.
Lockncharge FUYL

Whether your school is deploying 5 or 50 devices, we offer products such as smart lockers, multi device charging stations or charging carts to integrate mobile technology seamlessly into your classroom. 

With our LocknCharge solutions you can centrally store devices so students know where to find them, physically secure devices to protect your school from theft or data breaches and transport devices easily and safely with carts on wheels or the handy device baskets.

LocknCharge Joey

Charge, store, secure and transport any device at a more affordable price & 10 year warranty

The LocknCharge Joey Carts allow users to enjoy the education-focused designs for at a more entry-level price. The Carts include baskets for faster, safer and more efficient deployment, so it is a smart choice for assuring the devices you have today and the devices you have in the future will be charged and secured.

LocknCharge Carrier 40

LocknCharge Carrier

Charge, store, secure and transport any device with a soft closing, sliding hood & lifetime warranty

The LocknCharge Carrier is our highest quality charging cart with large and small baskets available. Devices can be distributed in a fraction of the time, saving up to 70 hours of instructional time each school year. The baskets make deployments faster, safer and more efficient, putting valuable time back into your day. They are designed to accommodate devices up to 13”.

LocknCharge Carrier Station

A multi-device charging station compatible with almost any device

The LocknCharge Carrier Stations are designed to make mobile device deployments easier and quicker. The baskets allow users to deploy banks of 5 devices at once.

LocknCharge FUYL Tower

A complete solution to efficiently charge, store, secure and manage workflow for devices.
LocknCharge FUYL towers automate manual processes for managing mobile devices to reduce wasted time, minimise device downtime, maintain devices with zero human interaction, provide secure charging on demand and much more.

Partnering With Us

As a LocknCharge Partner we can help you find the right charging and storage unit for your schools requirement. We can deliver your Chromebooks fully installed in one of our charging carts. 

Our service team can install all of our charging stations and lockers if charging trolleys do not fit your requirement. If you already have Chromebooks, let us know the size of the devices and we can make a recommendation for you.


Our Happy Customers

Here’s how we are helping schools nationwide

Here’s how we are helping schools nationwide