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Redefining The “Classroom”

We are witnessing a transformation in the creation and sharing of knowledge, fuelled by the impact of technology in the teaching and learning process. New technologies including laptops, tablets, Chromebooks and smartphones connect students and teachers. New resources infuse the classroom with rich, dynamic, interactive digital content. New boundaries are made possible by technologies that allow learning to take place anytime, anywhere.
These elements of the modern classroom instil 21st century skills, inspire lifelong learning and prepare every child to be ready for careers, college and the real world. They also present a teaching and learning experience based on the below principals.
Collaboration in the Classroom
  • Captivating

  • Motivating

  • Collaborative

  • Informed

  • Personalized

  • Dynamic

  • Memorable

  • Engaging

The Modern Classroom
At we believe in these types of learning experiences. Promethean design education technology solutions for the modern classroom that improve the impact of instruction and learning. Our solutions increase student engagement and teacher effectiveness, both inside the classroom and beyond.
The ActivBoard Touch combines multi-touch functionality, a dry-erase surface and award-winning software to foster a truly interactive learning experience. It provides teachers with a wide range of tools to support their daily instruction while respecting tight budgets.
ActivBoard Touch enables up to six students to work together simultaneously using multi-touch gestures, including swipe, pinch and zoom. Add the digital pen accessory to write, annotate and hover in addition to performing typical touch-screen commands. The multi-touch functionality and digital pen coupled with Promethean’s award-winning interactive software creates an engaging learning experience for students.
The ActivBoard 500 Pro is an all-in-one interactive system that offers multi-touch and ActivPen functionality where up to four students can interact simultaneously. The ActivBoard 500 Pro can distinguish between your finger and ActivPen allowing a complete interactive experience.
Bring hands-on activities to life with the ActivBoard 500 Pro’s multi-pen and multi-touch capabilities. Teachers and all types of learners will benefit from the intuitive and natural way of working with the ActivBoard 500 Pro. Utilize the ActivPen to ensure precision and take advantage of the touch capability to easily manipulate objects.

Which ActivBoard is right for you?

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There is a reason why Promethean have established themselves as a leader in interactive technology for education and their touch screens are no different. Promethean has developed a full line of high definition & 4K Ultra HD interactive flat panels. These panels are coupled with Promethean’s powerful and intuitive software packages and produce an engaging way to communicate ideas in any environment.
Introducing the ActivPanel, the next generation interactive flat panel with full HD and 4K Ultra HD displays designed to enhance the classroom viewing experience and interaction amongst students. Promethean’s external, upgradeable Android™ powered processor gives the ActivPanel tablet-like capabilities. Instantly download and use apps from Android app stores, mirror mobile devices, launch the Instant Whiteboard to write or draw, and share lesson content.
The ActivPanel is a fully connected interactive display that provides tablet-like functionality for the classroom. Teachers and students can interact with content, simultaneously write and draw, and connect mobile devices to mirror content and collaborate. Teachers can wirelessly share their lessons, easily access content, and download and use their favourite apps.

PDST [Panels vs Whiteboards]

An increased focus on assessment in education has radically changed the shape of assessment and its role in education. Tools that improve assessment in the classroom and provide essential feedback, which teachers and schools leaders can use to better meet the individual needs of each student, represent a significant opportunity to improve educational outcomes globally.
ClassFlow is the “all-in-one” teaching & lesson orchestration tool for delivering interactive multi-media lessons across connected classrooms.
Improve student engagement by facilitating the interactive and collaborative use of classroom devices, digital curriculum & assessments for learning.Engage every student by presenting and sharing interactive lesson materials such as videos, images and other digital content. Assess student comprehension in the moment of learning through formative assessment and instant polling. Customize lesson content and delivery for individual students or different groups.

So why purchase Promethean and why purchase from

Promethean is the most preferred global brand for schools with 650 team members around the world. Promethean has the #1 market share for interactive technology in Ireland, United States, Australia, France, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, Caribbean, Middle east, Iceland and Estonia with +1 million classrooms using Promethean ActivBoards and ActivPanels.
Promethean design their products with the philosophy that education technology solutions must enhance four critical capabilities for schools, teachers and students; Increase Student Engagement, Provide Learning Feedback, Personalised & Differentiated Instruction and Foster Collaboration.
Compupac IT Solutions (’s parent company) was one of the first resellers in Ireland to supply and install Promethean products. Our knowledge of the brand is second to none with a significant investment made over the last 10 years. We will make sure that when a system is installed in your school your teachers will know exactly how to use their new technology, and we’re always available for on-going training and support when required.