Chrome OS Flex

The fast, secure, cloud-first, easy-to-manage operating system for Macs and PCs.
Refresh your fleet with ChromeOS Flex

Chrome OS Flex provides an easy way for schools to revive their old Windows PCs, laptops, MacBooks, and Macs. 

Many schools struggle with outdated devices that become slower over time and eventually become unusable. Chrome OS Flex now offers a straightforward way to breathe new life into old devices.

Chrome OS Flex
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Fast and Modern

Quick access to web applications and boot-up happens within seconds. Plus, system updates happen in the background, so you don’t have to wait for a device to update.

Proactive Security

With Chrome OS Flex, there’s no need for antivirus software. With regular security updates, Chrome OS Flex has built-in protection against the latest threats.

Easy Deployment

Chrome OS Flex can be installed in minutes on devices via USB or over the network. With Chrome Education Upgrade devices can be centrally managed online via the Google Admin Console.


Extending the life of your device fleet is also recommended for sustainability reasons. Not only will you have devices that are ready for use again, but you will also reduce electrical waste.
Give everyone the power of a cloud-based OS.

Chrome OS Flex delivers the same benefits and features as Chrome OS such as the Chrome browser, Google Assistant, Cloud based Management and the same user interface, so there’s no need to re-train students and staff when they’re issued a Chrome OS Flex device over a regular Chromebook. 

Most students won’t notice any significant difference if issued a Chrome OS Flex device or Chromebook, however it’s worth noting that PC and MacBook hardware doesn’t typically have a native search key which is found on Chromebook hardware.

Chrome Education Upgrade

Unlock the capabilities of ChromeOS Flex with Chrome Education Upgrade

With Chrome OS Flex and Chrome Education Upgrade take advantage of a zero touch experience and choose from hundreds of policies to deploy, manage, lock down, and secure your old devices. Additional user settings are available such as blocking end users from logging into devices, restricting access to certain sites and content, and enabling identity-free usage for shared devices. With the Chrome Education Upgrade schools can also use their Chrome OS Flex devices for testing with “Kiosk Mode” and enable printing.

Partnering With Us

As certified Google Cloud Partner, we work with schools to implement a collaborative learning environment in the classroom using technology that is both cost efficient and engaging to both students and teachers. 

Our Google solutions are backed up with personalised, proven-to-succeed, process-driven training delivering long term results.


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Here’s how we are helping schools nationwide

Here’s how we are helping schools nationwide